All BDSI Research Project Teams

Project Title Year Team Leaders Graduate Students Undergraduate Students
From Phenotype to Genotype: Integrating bioinformatics, population genomics, and quantitative genetics to identify the genes underlying adaptation 2009 Sean Mullen, Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Daniel Lopresti Ph.D., Computer Sciences & Engineering
Monika Anand
Vance Imhoff
Emily Becker
David Goldberg
Kathleen Petryna
Erica Smith
Multi-scale modeling of cellular mechanics 2009 Svetlana Tatic-Lucic, Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering
Susan Perry, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering
Arkady Voloshin, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics
Sudhakar Neti, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics
Markus Gnerlich
Hwa Bok Wee
James Fredette
Stephen Jabaut
Walter Joseph
Daniel Marnell
Spermicidal and microbicidal potentials of fluorous surfactants 2009 Barry Bean, Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Robert Flowers, Ph.D., Chemistry
Karyn Kesselring
Onyebuchi Olisemeka
Larese Wilson-Carter
Isolation and analysis of rare cells from biological fluids using a reversible cell capture platform 2009 Xuanhong Cheng, Ph.D., Bioengineering
James Gilchrist, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering
Pisist Kumnorkaew
Alex Weldon
Colleen Curley
Abby Lefkowitz
Kristen Mason
D'Andre LeVon Watson
Biocompatibility of nano-macro dual-porous glass bone-replacement scaffolds 2009 Matthias Falk, Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Himanshu Jain, Ph.D., Materials Science
Shaojie Wang Stephanie Eider
Samantha Golden
Selective effects on sperm functions by novel compounds 2008 Barry Bean, Ph.D.
Robert Flowers, Ph.D.
Rajni Singh Melanie Rudnick
Manuel Schubert
Gordon Taylor
Modeling local synaptic control in neural coincidence detectors 2008 R. Michael Burger, Ph.D.
Linghai Zhang, Ph.D.
Ping-Shi Wu, Ph.D.
Matthew Fischl
Melissa Stoner
Julie Heidt
Matthew Parks
Harjot Thind
Danielle Trause
Gene expression analysis in Stathmin deficient cancer cell lines 2008 Lynne Cassimeris, Ph.D.
Jutta Marzillier, Ph.D.
Ping-Shi Wu, Ph.D.
Bruce Carney
Danielle Ringhoff
Abigail Lefkowitz
Erica Smith
Biocompatibility of nano-macro dual-porous glass bone-replacement scaffolds 2008 Matthias Falk, Ph.D.
Himanshu Jain, Ph.D.
Susan Baker
Shaojie Wang
Laura Bowen
Regina MacBarb
Andrew Salim
Sean White
Multi-scale modeling of cellular mechanics 2008 Linda Lowe-Krentz, Ph.D.
Samir Ghadiali, Ph.D.
Jeffrey Fong
Joshua Slee
Shannon Alejandro
Jamie Maciaszek