Applicants (SEA-PHAGES)

How does one qualify for the program?

For Spring 2019

If you entered Lehigh University in the Fall 2018 semester, you will be eligible to apply for the BioS Core I SEA - PHAGES (BioS 43 - Phage Hunting Labortatory) course to be offered in the Spring 2019 semester.

For Fall 2019
(2nd semester of program)

Students (previously enrolled in BioS 43 - Lehigh in the SEA I - in Spring 2019, or with instructor permission if no BioS 43 prerequisite) will enroll in BioS 118 - Phage Genetics Laboratory. This course will substitute for Core II lab requirement - BioS 116. You must also be enrolled in BioS 115 - Core II: Genetics.

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