The BioConnect program: 

  • provides Lehigh-sponsored undergraduate bioscience-related interdisciplinary research, mentoring, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) student community building experiences during the academic year and summer for community college students in preparation for graduation and/or successful transfer. Northampton Community College (NCC) is the first community college partner to participate in this program. NCC STEM honors students are encouraged to apply to this program.
  • assimilates transfer students from the community colleges into the undergraduate research community culture.

BioConnect includes the following components:

  • Early identification of community college STEM students who are candidates for transfer to Lehigh through interactions of Lehigh faculty and Academic Outreach staff with community college faculty.
  • Community college faculty and student visits to different Lehigh laboratories (monthly), attend laboratory meetings of some research groups, weekly Biological Sciences Symposium Series, and undergraduate research symposia in the spring semester.
  • Community college STEM student enrollment into SEA-PHAGES or other inquiry-based courses in the biological sciences core, administered through Lehigh’s Office for Academic Outreach. Contact us for information about tuition costs.
  • Lehigh STEM faculty group presentations at community colleges for “meet and greet” sessions to highlight STEM major programs and interdisciplinary research opportunities (e.g., Biosystems Dynamics Summer Institute).
  • Lehigh bioscience-related interdisciplinary research presentations at community colleges to students to build relationships with Lehigh faculty prior to matriculation at Lehigh.
  • Paid academic year research for community college students in Lehigh faculty research laboratories.
  • Community college student participation through paid internships in summer Biosystems Dynamics Summer Institute prior to entering Lehigh.
  • Participation of community college faculty in BDSI as a Community College Faculty Member in Residence.