Biosystems Dynamics Summer Institute

Lehigh University was the recipient of grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (2006-2015) to fund undergraduate science initiatives in the life sciences. The initiative at Lehigh was successful and will continue with institutional funds. Our focus is to expand the existing interdisciplinary culture at the University, focusing on building cross-disciplinary approaches in undergraduate research activities.
Undergraduate summer research opportunities include participation in an interdisciplinary research team sponsored by the Biosystems Dynamics Summer Institute (BDSI). Research teams are led by faculty from different disciplines and include graduate and undergraduate students working together on a common research project.
The ten week summer program includes:
  • an intensive research experience for students
  • research discussion groups
  • interdisciplinary research workshops for writing and presentation skills
  • research seminars
  • social activities.
A major goal of this program is to provide research training experiences that emphasize the relationships between biology and other disciplines including chemistry, physics, environmental science, computer science, mathematics and engineering.