Current BDSI Projects

Project Title Team Leaders Graduate Students Undergraduate Students
Probing receptor binding capabilities of mutant lynx modulators for better cognition and emotional processing. Julie Miwa, Ph.D. - Biological Sciences
Wonpil Im, Ph.D. - Biological Sciences
Frank Zhang, Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
Kyung Min
Sang-jun Park
Jessica Willis
Ryan Armbruster
Mark Crenshaw
Meaghan Gavey
Brooke Lichak
Megan Polak
Rachel Swope
Distributions and Orientations of Gangliosides in Membranes Wonpil Im, Ph.D. - Biological Sciences
Aurelia Honerkamp Smith, Ph.D. - Physics
Nathan Wittenberg, Ph.D. - Chemistry
Ashley Baxter
Ross Gunderson
Omar Ahmed
Brianne Barker
Matthew Grapel
Steven Imburgio
Aleria Safforld
AFM Naniondentation Goes Deeper – Experimental and Computational Investigation of Substrate Stiffness Effects on Apparent Cell Elasticity Hannah Dailey, Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
Frank Zhang, Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
Jared Feindt
Wenpeng Cao
Matthew Dragovich
TenzIn Dadon
Juliet Chung
Andrew Truman
Duc Tran
Self-assembling hydrogels based on glycosaminoglycan-peptide hybrid molecules Lesley Chow, Ph.D. - Materials Science & Engineering
Sabrina Jedlicka, Ph.D. - Materials Science & Engineering
Swetha Chandrasekar Reilly Callahan
Timothy Choe
Yinchen Dong
Rachel Kneessi
Victoria Wright
Vincent Torelli
Characterization of bacterial outer membrane vesicle-associated peptidoglycan via unnatural D-amino Acids Angela Brown, Ph.D. - Chemical Engineering
Marcos Pires, Ph.D. - Chemistry
Sean Pidgeon
Justin Nice
Lauren McKinley
Kourtney Mendello
Julia Nelson
Anxhela Sinani
Canset Tunc