Current BDSI Projects

BDSI Research Project Teams

Project Title Team Leaders Graduate Students Undergraduate Students
Biochemical exploration of lynx2 binding to nicotinic receptors: implications for emotional regulation and anxiety disorders. Julie Miwa, Ph.D. - Biological Sciences
Frank Zhang, Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
Wenpeng Cao Gehar Bitar
Natalee Castillo
Ariel Pawlo
Brooke Dubyna
Tailoring supramolecular glycosaminoglycan-based hydrogels to guide cell behavior Lesley Chow, Ph.D. - Materials Science & Engineering
Sabrina Jedlicka, Ph.D. - Materials Science & Engineering
Swetha Chandrasekar
Hafiz (Dammy) Busari
Matthew Green
Ashlinn Sweeney
Xinmeng Qiao
Claire Ternes
Cloning the Human Creativity Gene and Understanding its Role in Behavior in a Mouse Model Katie Hoffman, Ph.D. - Biological Science
Julie Miwa, Ph.D. - Biological Sciences
Murray Itzkowitz, Ph. D. - Biological Sciences
Jinbu Wang Ce Luo
Christian Tirrito
Amanda Boyer
Mariel Weigel
Lixuan Qiu
Specific Labeling of Bacterial Vesicle-Associated Peptidoglycan to Enable Immunological Analyses Angela Brown, Ph.D. - Chemical Engineering
Marcos Pires, Ph.D. - Chemistry
Noel Ferraro
Shannon Collins
Guanwei Zhou
Matthew Grapel
Angela Sinani
Audra Smires
Identification of Drug-like Allosteric PTP1B Inhibitors through Synergistic Computational and Experimental Approaches Wonpil Im, Ph.D. - Biological Sciences
Damien Thevenin, Ph.D. - Chemistry
Seonghoon Kim
Eden Sikorski
Amer Iftikar
Journey Lopez
Chris Sohn
Anthony Varshavskiy